Enhance your LIFE through PRANA-LIFE
Dr. Jaswant Singh Bhopal
Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist, Medical Doctor, Pranayama-yoga Teacher, Spiritual Preceptor, and Toastmaster.
Instructional CDs and Booklet
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    Shavasana CD
    This guided meditation is easy to follow. It relieves insomnia, fatigue, all kinds of stress, anxiety, and low mood. It also optimises blood pressure and the immune system. In my own voice, I leads you through an easy meditation of the breath and the chakras, done lying down, either alone or in a group.
    $20 Inc. S&H
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    Inner Child CD
    In this audio CD, I lead you through a deep relaxing meditation exercise in which you retrieve your "inner child"
    $20 Inc. S&H
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    Spiritual Chants
    These are enchanting and soothing 20-minutes Om and spiritual chants.
    $20 Inc. S&H
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    Practical Booklet on Prana-Life Teachings
    This small booklet contains the essential teachings of the Prana-Life program. I will send it to your for free if you e-mail me.