Enhance your LIFE through PRANA-LIFE
Dr. Jaswant Singh Bhopal
Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist, Medical Doctor, Pranayama-yoga Teacher, Spiritual Preceptor, and Toastmaster.
I was always excited about finding new, safe, and low-cost ways to help people have better health. Recently, I developed a program that I call Prana-Life. It's a combination of psychological principles and Raja-yoga breath-and-naam  meditation.  The latter are both ultra-modern and ancient. Indeed, they're eternal. Today, I'm thrilled about sharing my Prana-Life methods with others.  The program enhances health in every way - physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual. Using these eclectic and esoteric techniques, I can teach you to re-program your mind, unlock positivity, go deeper spiritually, and transform your life and relationships.